Introducing the PlanWise Tool

Targeted formative assessment practices and strategies that you can learn about and implement in your lesson plans whenever you're ready!

An example of the PlanWise App

What is the PlanWise tool?

The PlanWise tool is a Chrome Extension for Google Docs designed by ETS specifically for K–12 teachers to improve formative assessment professional learning for teachers. The tool provides formative assessment practices and strategies right in your regular workflow, meeting you where you are to help you when you need it — while you're lesson planning.

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Making an impact on teaching and learning

Formative assessment is a planned, ongoing process used by all students and teachers to elicit and use evidence of student learning to improve outcomes and support students to become self-directed learners. Effective implementation requires students and teachers to integrate and embed formative practices in a collaborative, respectful classroom environment (Council of Chief State School Officers, 2018).1

Formative assessment can have a significant impact on your students’ learning, helping you and your students gain greater insights into their understanding. These insights can:

  • help you tailor instruction and learning activities to student needs
  • enable your students to make decisions about their own learning
  • allow students to continue to progress in their learning

So how can the PlanWise tool help? It offers you access to strategies in six critical formative practice areas. These strategies are useful in any instructional setting, whether you’re working with students in person, fully remote or using a hybrid model.

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1 Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). (2018). Revising the definition of formative assessment. Washington, DC: Author.