Meeting Teachers Where They Are

The PlanWise® tool accompanies teachers during lesson planning, providing dynamic formative assessment suggestions in the moment to enrich decision making in instruction, learning and assessment.

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Impacting Learning Outcomes

Tailor Instruction

Tailor instruction and learning activities to student needs

Enable Students

Enable students to make decisions about their own learning

Foster Progress

Allow students to continue to progress in their learning

Formative assessment has a significant impact on students’ understanding. It helps teachers better meet students’ learning needs and allows students to gain greater insights into the learning process. The PlanWise tool helps teachers implement formative assessment strategies in six critical practice areas. These strategies are useful in any instructional setting, whether working with students in person, fully remote or via a hybrid model.

  • An icon representing the practice named Learning Goals Using Learning Goals
  • An icon representing the practice named Eliciting Evidence of Student Understanding Eliciting Student Understanding
  • An icon representing the practice named Peer Feedback Peer Feedback
  • An icon representing the practice named Student Self-Assessment Student Self-Assessment
  • An icon representing the practice named Providing Formative Feedback Formative Feedback
  • An icon representing the practice named Pre-Assessment Pre-Assessment

How It Works

Plan lessons in Google Docs using the Chrome browser.1

Icons representing Google Docs, Google Chrome, and PlanWise; the beginning of a lesson plan, which includes a learning goal and 2 associated steps

The PlanWise tool underlines words and phrases associated with formative assessment practices.

Building on the previous step’s image, PlanWise has underlined the terms “Learning goal” and “partners” in the lesson plan

Select underlined words or phrases to learn more about formative assessment practices and choose suggested strategies that work best.

Building on the previous step’s image, the term “partners” has been selected by the teacher; this has opened a small window containing a formative assessment practice named Peer Feedback and three related strategies

Copy and paste any strategy directly into the lesson plan and customize it to individual lesson goals.

Building on the previous step’s image, one of the strategies, which is named Two Stars and a Wish, has been opened

Our work with teachers has shown that integrating the PlanWise tool into lesson planning means less time spent searching, a greater consideration of critical formative assessment practices and an increased likelihood of implementation with students.

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1 The PlanWise tool is optimized for use only in Google Docs in the Chrome browser. It’s not currently available in other browsers or in any word processing programs.